Commercial - X-Golf Indoor Golf Simulator Installations
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X-Golf Commercial Installation 3D Render


Transform your commercial space with an X-Golf Simulator


With X-Golf simulator commercial installations you can now play golf where ever and whenever you like. From the comfort of your own office, building complex, club house or onsite accommodation.

Our set-up is ideal for attracting new patrons, entertaining clients, running promotions or providing an outlet for your hard-working staff.

Each set-up can be tailored to your individual needs, ensuring space is correctly utilised and your return on investment is maximised. We ensure that your venue now features an attraction that delivers an experience for many years to follow.

X-Golf Commercial applications Include:

  • Golf Clubhouses & Driving ranges
  • Hotels, resorts and cruise ships
  • Lifestyle & assisted living developments
  • Gyms and recreational centres
  • Corporate Offices
  • Residential Developments
  • Casinos and Sports Bars
  • Mine and Oil Sites

What Does X-Golf bring to your venue?

ENGAGEMENT – X-Golf attracts all new demographics from beginners
toexperts, young to old, male to female, casual to corporate.

COMPLIMENTS – Our simulators compliment your venues existing features adding new interest and revenue.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT – X-Golf creates additional revenue maximising your valuable space.

SOCIAL INTERACTION – More than just a sport, X-Golf provides hours of entertainment and social interactions keeping your members satisfied and at your venue for longer periods.

HIRE X-Golfs Portable Simulator

Looking for something unique for next event? Our portable simulators can be installed in almost any location providing the ultimate golfing ‘go to’ destination! Ideal for tradeshows, expos, promotional events, fundraisers, product launches and corporate days.

X-Golf Simulator
X-Golf Simulator Played By Australian Athletes
X-Golf Simulator at Trade Show
X-Golf Simulator 3D Render - Commercial Area

“X-Golf Commercial transforms your venue or event providing hours of entertainment, interaction and experiences”