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X-Golf Simulator NEX Model 3D Render

X-GOLF NEX Simulators

Through the combination of high speed light sensors and high speed cameras, the X-Golf NEX system is the most accurate simulator in the world in relation to measuring ball direction, ball speed, ball spin and launch angle in three dimensions.

X-Golf Simulator EYE Model 3D Render

X-GOLF EYE Simulators

Experience the X-Golf EYE’s remarkable short game accuracy via its precise ball spin measurement abilities. The X-Golf EYE simulator is pioneering the way for camera based golf simulation by upgrading the existing 2ch camera sensor system being used by most simulator makers to a 3ch camera sensor system.

The X-Series

Market leading features to seriously enhance your golfing experience.

Advanced auto tee system

World’s first moving floor plate

Swing analysis and teaching program

Precision weight distribution analysis

X-Golf Simulator 3D Screen Image and Graphics
Advanced 3D graphics and 64 bit technology
X-Golf Shot Analysis and CLub Data Summary Screen
Relevant ball and club data
X-Golf Simulator - Screen Graphics and Data
Most realistic short game available!