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5 Best Interactive Buck’s Party Ideas

5 Best Interactive Buck’s Party Ideas

So, it’s time to celebrate your best mate. Or more to the point, the fact that he will soon be tying the knot to embark on a lifetime of wedded bliss, gives you and all your mates a reason to go out and celebrate on his behalf.

If you’ve been given the job of organising a shindig of sensational standards — never fear — as here we explore the five best interactive buck’s party ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the dial of any soon-to-be groom and (hopefully) keep the rest of you out of trouble — no guarantees.

  1. 007

If your groom enjoys the finer things in life, treat him to the ultimate 007 experience. You can DIY to create your own customised party plan, or there are plenty of companies in pretty much every capital city that offer packages to suit the 007 style.

This interactive buck’s bonanza involves fast cars, fine dining and of course dirty martinis – shaken not stirred. As for the leading ladies in this Bond story…we’ll leave that entirely up to you…

  1. Adrenalin Junkie

If your groom has balls bigger than a Spanish bull and relies on adrenalin in the same way most of us consume oxygen to survive, then you need to include some high-flying, heart- racing activities in the mix.  Nothing illegal, just think: sky diving, shark diving, cave diving – hell, any type of diving it seems may be appropriate to revolve celebrations around for your Adrenalin Junkie.

Not everyone need partake in the activities – some revellers may be content to witness the groom-to-be do his thing and join in for the post death-defying stunt festivities. Or a small group of close friends/similar adrenalin addicts may take on the activity together – with a post-event audience purely for bragging rights.

  1. Waterworld

No, not the Kevin Costner 1990’s dismal box-office failure, but a water-based interactive buck’s party agenda, if your buck is of the aquatic persuasion. How far you want to take this theme is completely up to you.

It could mean grabbing a few boards and slabs of beer and road tripping down the coast to find the perfect waves. Or you could ramp up the on-water action with jet boating, water-skiing, wakeboarding and any other aquatic thrills that tickle your fancy.

  1. Swinger

If your groom thinks he’s the perfect putter and a sensational swinger (only on the green, of course), put his skills to the test and encourage some healthy competition by taking part in the latest interactive sporting craze – XGolf.

Not just a sports facility, XGolf Australia offers the ultimate buck’s night entertainment venue for you and the boys to eat, drink and be merry, by offering a unique combination of virtual sporting action, in-house entertainment, as well as food and beverage service, in a fun and competitive environment.

You don’t even need any previous golfing experience and there are packages to suit all budgets. Par-tee time!

X-Golf Buck's Night

X-Golf Buck’s Nights – The Ultimate Entertainment Venue

  1. Hook, line and sinker

If your groom is always bragging about ‘the one that got away,’ put his skills to the test with a deep-sea fishing charter. All you’ll really have to do is make sure the beer is cold (and there is enough of it) and make sure no one – especially the groom – goes overboard (in either sense of the word)!

Whether you do a day trip or an extended expedition really depends on how long you want to give your buck to land the perfect catch. Sea sickness tablets optional.

For the ultimate interactive buck’s party experience visit XGolf.com.au