How to stay active during winter without ever going outside | X-Golf
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How to stay active during winter – without ever going outside!

Group of Players enjoying X-Golf Indoor Golf

How to stay active during winter – without ever going outside!

For many of us winter is the time to bunker down, hibernate, eat and drink, while staying inside to avoid the tepid temperatures and glacial gusts.

But what if there was a way to stay active while staying indoors this winter? We help you avoid spring shame by investigating the top five indoor activities to keep you in tip-top shape this season.

  1. Indoor rock climbing
    One of the best calorie-burning activities around, take the danger out of scaling sheer rock faces and avoid frostbite on your fingertips, while enjoying all the health benefits of this intense physical activity at an indoor climbing centre.Because you’re working a range of different muscle groups when you climb, you’ll increase your strength and muscle definition by rock climbing regularly. Rock climbing on a regular basis is also an excellent way to reduce your risk of chronic disease, help control weight, and has even proven effective in improving your mood.
  2. Trampolining
    According to, trampolining is one of the most effective ways to increase cardiovascular fitness, improve coordination and promote stress relief.Bounce Inc claims a study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running. Bouncing on a trampoline also stimulates blood flow in a way that helps rid the body of toxins and circulates oxygen to improve mental performance. Trampolining offers an effective low-impact fitness option, as the mats and pads used absorb 80 per cent of shock from the rebound, reducing your risk of joint injury.
  3. Indoor Golf
    If you thought golf was a game reserved for retirees and business brokers – think again! Golf is experiencing a revolution, with organisations such as thinking beyond the green to offer the ultimate interactive entertainment experience.Ideal for all ages and levels of ability, X-Golf centres provide state-of-the-art simulator technology including infrared lasers, impact sensors and advanced gaming software, along with food and beverages, lessons, and more than 100 course options to choose from. Stay fit and have fun, without the risk of your game being a wash-out!
  4. Salsa Dancing
    Let the fast beats and quick steps of this sensual artform reignite your spark this winter. Salsa dancing presents the perfect activity to enhance personal connections with your partner, reconnect with family members or make new friends – not to mention helping to keep you fit and healthy during the cooler months.In addition to the well-documented physical benefits of salsa dancing, this activity aids in memory retention as a result of memorising the fast-paced, sometimes complex steps, and boosts your endorphin levels in the process.
  5. Indoor Ice-Skating
    While most of us don’t have access to a frozen lake nearby, indoor ice-skating rinks offer a great year-round option for improving strength, stability and fitness, as well as having a lot of fun!The benefits of improved hand-eye coordination, increased core strength, agility and balance are also complemented by the feel-good factor of gliding as group while achieving common goals. As the old saying goes ‘the family who plays together stays together’ and ice-skating offers an ideal pastime the whole family can enjoy.

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