How To Plan The Perfect Bucks Party

How To Plan The Perfect Bucks Party

So you’ve been tasked with organizing, most memorable bucks party for the groom-to-be, and you’re in desperate need of ideas for bucks parties!

There’s much pressure to get the evening right. Everyone is counting on you to organise something unique, or maybe something a little out of the ordinary. It can be overwhelming when you think about it, so let me help you! X-Golf is the premier venue for Buck’s parties!

If you have never had to plan a bucks party, it can be pretty stressful.
A simple Google search can give you a lot of insight into what others have done in the past for their best mate. Here’s the catch, EVERYONE has done the same thing! While they can still be fun, they may lack uniqueness and can be very ordinary.

Nobody knows your best mate as well as you, and hosting Buck’s day means you’re in charge of everything from organising food, drinks, venue and entertainment.

X-Golf is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to hosting a buck’s night. Our venues are large enough to accommodate large groups and come complete with a full bar and fantastic food. Planning your mate’s big night just got easier!

What is Golf?
X-Golf is Australasia’s premier indoor golf and entertainment venue.
Our state of the art golf simulator technology offers players the most realistic virtual golfing experience in the world. Our venues are located throughout Australia and combine virtual reality gaming, food and beverages, competitions, and are the perfect destination for social events.

The relaxed, welcoming atmosphere makes it perfect for players of all skill levels. It is as fun for the avid golfer as it is for the casual player. X-Golf venues are safe and fun and ideal for a buck’s night out.


What happens at bucks parties?
A Buck’s party is a celebration to commemorate a man’s final moments of bachelorhood. It serves as a rite of passage from the single life to a life with his bride-to-be.
As the best mate, it is your responsibility to ensure the groom has the time of his life before he gets hitched and settles down with the love of his life.

Most bucks nights are filled with copious amounts of booze, drinking games, and a little friendly competition between mates.

When you host your bucks party and one of X-Golf’s venues throughout Australia, a truly unique and entertaining experience happens.


Games for bucks parties
A round of golf can be the ultimate bonding experience, so why not take it to the next level with X-Golf.
Our simulators offer you the most realistic indoor golf experience, and venues offer you access to multiple golf courses and driving and putting ranges.

Most venues also have a game room with pool tables, darts, and sports on television. We can also accommodate other buck’s party games or entertainment.

Planning a bucks night doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Look no further than X-Golf to get the big day started! Our friendly staff will handle the hard work while you and your group hang out in a bar-like atmosphere while bonding over poor swings, missed putts, and failed long drive attempts! X-Golf has everything you need to tee up a memorable night!

Learn more about Bucks Days at X-Golf Here!

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